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Cutting Edge Historical Performance Analytics

Automated Real Time Trade Collection and Journaling


The Information Edge YOU Need to Improve your Trading Edge

Intelligent Analytics

In any business, analytics driven intelligence is one the key contributors to the decision making process. Trading however, has remained in the stone age in respect to the use of analytics. Relationships and patterns exist in your trading data that directly impact the bottom line.  Our tools reveal these relationships, accelerating the rate traders improve exponentially.



Automated real time collection of Stock, Options, Futures, Forex, CFD and Cryptocurrency trading. Trade data can be enhanced with additional tracking information with a single click on a browser notification (on the traders PC/mobile device) or from a queue of untagged trades.


Execution Assist

Real Time ‘trader assistant’ helps you navigate your trading day. With built in audio news squawk, economic releases, risk/position monitor & P&L charting. Understand what’s driving the markets and how it’s impacting your performance. Economic news audio and visual alerts ensure you never accidentally trade into a news release again. Real time economic news releases keep you ahead of the pack when the announcement comes out.