A modern options order flow platform

Unusual order flow

Track option contracts that are being traded at a much higher volume than their daily average.

AI power alerts

An intelligent signal generator that is powered by a sophisticated computational model.

Dark equity transactions

Expose equity orders that are being traded in the shadows and not available to the general public.


Built to empower the retail trader

Intelligent order tracking

Let’s face it, there is a lot of noise coming through the tape. Our platform intelligently highlights orders by analyzing specific market data and alerting you to what’s important. This is how you gain your edge!

Real time dark pool data

Get access to high volume, privately negotiated orders that trade only on private exchanges. These are mainly used by Institutional investors to conceal their trading activities. This data is now available to you!

Advanced filtering options

With over 30 different filtering options, you can quickly customize the order flow to better fit your trading strategy. Combine as many as you want to get the most out of the data. You won’t find filters this advanced anywhere else!